The Little Black Dress

black dress little little black dress

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Every woman has one, and if not Kurves By Kimi has you covered. The amount of confidence one little black dress can give you is mind blowing. Don't believe me? check out this poem by John F. McCullagh. It explains it all, now go out there and work your little black dress. Don't have one yet? Check out our selection, you wont be disappointed!! 

Every woman has one in her closet,
Although some are loathe to confess.
It’s perfect for many occasions.
It is known as the little black dress..

For Women who seek to entice,
or have men they want to impress.,
There is nothing terribly virginal
concerning that little black dress.

Its of Spidery inspiration and,
oh, what a web they can weave.
They use it, some say, ensnaring their prey.
It comes out again when they grieve.

In Wedding, our Ladies wear white.,
A Little black dress when they keen.
They dress in subtler shades of gray
on all the days in between.

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